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Race for the galaxy

Postby Grograt » 02 June 2011, 11:49

Hey all, i really want to start playing race for the galaxy but am new to it, would anybody consider taking on a new player for a couple of games, with a little bit of instruction i am in the UK so any time after 1800 would be great, i dont want to jump into any game and take up another players valuable time .
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Re: Race for the galaxy

Postby Laszlosaurus » 02 June 2011, 16:59

There's a good downloadable RftG game for Windows/Mac/Linux that will let you practice against the computer (or in online play if you'd like to). I still always lose to the AI, so I'm not joining in on Race games at BGA just yet. :)
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Re: Race for the galaxy

Postby Grograt » 02 June 2011, 18:21

Ahhh thanks for the link, ill look into it now :)
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Re: Race for the galaxy

Postby Bundyman » 13 May 2012, 10:02

Hi, in my opinion this fine and best card game available on this water planet Class A, is incomplete without the 1st (and maybe the 2nd) expansion.
I would very enjoy it, if the 1st expansion will meet BGA this year. Sorry but i don´t like to play only the basic card set here, for me it´s a bit unbalanced
card talon and the game setup is not so biased, as with the 1st expansion (additionally the 5th player option)
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Re: Race for the galaxy

Postby BevvyB » 25 May 2012, 13:31

Yup, this game is awesome BUT it has a steep learning curve. Some people get fed up that there isn't writing on the cards. Believe me, you'll be glad there is very little writing on the cards once you 'get' what it's all about.

Anyway, I agree with the previous poster - the game's best balance was found with the first expansion with the extra cards and including the 'goals'. This is in my view (and lots of other people's too it seems) the best version of the game. The expansions after it, although they do have some interesting cards and ideas in them, just make the game too fiddly and doesn't really add much enjoyment to the game.

Saying that, I am very much looking forward to 'Alien Artifacts' which is another expansion coming out very soon, which takes the base set of cards into a completely new direction.

So, dear people at BGA, please can we have the first expansion for RftG please? After that I don't care :)
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Re: Race for the galaxy

Postby anakbawang » 01 June 2012, 05:06

hello kind fellows,

I just recently learned about this awesome game, and would like to extend my adventure online
However, I have a question regarding the interface. How can I select a phase?

I clicked on the link "Choose" underneath the phase, and it sent my action to the server. But nothing happens, and the timer was still counting down. When I click it again, it says that I have already selected that option. Yet, the timer still counts down, and nothing else happens.

Please help?
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Re: Race for the galaxy

Postby Cabigon » 01 June 2012, 05:34

For 2-players games, you can choose 2 actions for 1 round
If you still have questions, just ask ;)
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Re: Race for the galaxy

Postby Himuraken » 01 August 2012, 00:28

race for the galaxy est un jeu qui a du succès aussi bien commercial que sur le net, il suffit de voir le nombre de partie qui se créent et sont joué sur BGA pour s'en rendre compte.

Néanmoins le jeu étant sorti en 2007-2008, je m'étonne de voir qu'aucune extension (il y en à 3) n'ait été adapter sur BGA, donc je demande si on aura un jour de voir lesdites extension accessible sur BGA où si cela ne se fera jamais.

l'éditeur ayant accepter que son jeu de base soit dispo, je suppose qu'il est d'accord également pour les extensions.

Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.
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Re: Race for the galaxy

Postby aealbee » 04 August 2012, 06:00

To the original poster and any other newbies, I would be happy to play learning games and offer hints and tips and other advice to help you along! It's a wonderfully addictive and rewarding game when you figure out how to really play it. My sn is "aealbee" just invite me to a game and mark it as a learning game! I'm on here multiple times a day.
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