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by fafa-fr
15 October 2017, 11:26
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: Pimp my BGA!
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Re: Pimp my BGA!

SFIrish1 wrote:How do I get it back to normal?

If I'm not mistaken, you need to click on this link:
(link given at the end of the post at the top of this page)
by fafa-fr
25 September 2017, 12:52
Forum: Developers
Topic: Cannot create turn based tables on studio
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Re: Cannot create turn based tables on studio

Thanks :)
by fafa-fr
23 September 2017, 20:51
Forum: Developers
Topic: Cannot create turn based tables on studio
Replies: 6
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Re: Cannot create turn based tables on studio

I have a similar problem (it's been here for a long time, several weeks or months): when I try to launch a turn-based game on Studio, I have the following message: You are in late to play on at least one turn based table. Please first play your game(s) in progress before starting a new one. (You can...
by fafa-fr
18 September 2017, 23:02
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Madeira implimentation question
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Re: Madeira implimentation question

I'm not going to take somebody's side in this discussion (because even if I'd rather see more work on games' implementation than on some of the new features, I understand that some people want the opposite), but I can answer on one point: Y'all are getting paid for the work that volunteers do, No, t...
by fafa-fr
09 September 2017, 10:18
Forum: Perudo
Topic: Raising bids
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Re: Raising bids

On a practical note, I'm a developer and would be happy to help with the implementation of this option. :D Not sure if I should ask someone in particular about it, so I'm just writing it here. You should probably message sourisdudesert about it. Since Perudo was developed using BGA Studio, you can ...
by fafa-fr
28 August 2017, 21:48
Forum: Developers
Topic: Spectator mode broken in studio?
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Re: Spectator mode broken in studio?

She meant your setup method in your javascript file.
(edit : at least I think so)
by fafa-fr
20 August 2017, 19:02
Forum: Quarto
Topic: Ratings (rankings?)
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Re: Ratings (rankings?)

Hi, and welcome :)
This help section must be out of date, the elo system has changed. You can read more here
by fafa-fr
13 August 2017, 19:05
Forum: Annonces officielles [fr]
Topic: Veggie Garden
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Re: Veggie Garden

salut Oui mais ce lien mène sur une page sur board game geek et puis quand on clique sur règles, on reste sur la même page Oui, sur boardgamegeek le téléchargement des fichiers est possible seulement si on a un compte. C'est gratuit et pas compliqué à créer, et quand on est un peu joueur-euse ça peu...
by fafa-fr
04 August 2017, 17:58
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: vacances
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Re: vacances

salut Je suis peut-être pas le mieux placé pour répondre, je ne joue pas en tour par tour et je n'utilise pas les "time jokers", mais au cas où personne d'autre ne réponde avant que tu partes : Sauf erreur, dans chaque partie tu as droit à des "time jokers", que ce soit en temps ...
by fafa-fr
19 July 2017, 12:50
Forum: Developers
Topic: Shared Projects - Survey
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Re: Shared Projects - Survey

Hi, So the question for activate developers, do we need such feature? I'm a "not very active developer", but I'll answer: Short version : I never really needed it, but I could have, and I might need it some day. Long version: - in the past and present: I joined a project because I wanted t...

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