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by Yasten
28 February 2022, 01:34
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Mah Jong suggestions
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Re: Mah Jong suggestions

Yeah, there is a beta and an alpha mahjong rn... With most riichi matches ending by a kick I feel like you almost need friends to even finish a match... Or even people who don't wuit that much...
by Yasten
25 February 2022, 17:43
Forum: Color Pop
Topic: How does it determine a score?
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Re: How does it determine a score?

Game has 100 tokens, 19 of each color and 5 jokers. Since 3 are left: 19-3=16
by Yasten
22 February 2022, 17:20
Forum: "Beta" games
Topic: Riichi Mahjong in beta
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Riichi Mahjong in beta

Riichi Mahjong, a Japanese variant of mahjong, which is similar to rummy, is now in beta
by Yasten
18 February 2022, 19:00
Forum: Cribbage
Topic: Auto count
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Re: Auto count

Or even add the Muggins rule, so your opponent has a chance to steal the points you miss! I'm not personally a fan of it, but I think it would add to the options for the game at least! Imagine going too high with the muggins rule... Might be even weirder to have people say 150 instead of conceding ...
by Yasten
12 February 2022, 17:03
Forum: Checkers
Topic: Rules
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Re: Rules

if you don't capture (or capture less than you are able depending on the variant) when you are able your opponent can contest the move by showing a move that captures (more) pieces. Makes me wonder why once you chose a man then see a move that captures more you can't choose the piece you MUST move...
by Yasten
06 February 2022, 18:01
Forum: Tournaments / Les tournois
Topic: Non-playing Player who has signed up for A LOT of tournaments
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Re: Non-playing Player who has signed up for A LOT of tournaments

Well, the problem is some games can time you out quicker because it's a fixed time limit... I once had a game where ALL 3 players ran out of time in a Swiss tourney but the time limit was fixed with 5 players in mind. So... This is a well-known problem with tournaments that the site admins haven't a...
by Yasten
02 February 2022, 23:32
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Waste of time games due to poor matching algorithm
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Re: Waste of time games due to poor matching algorithm

Opponents' level settings is actually different, it won't prevent high ELOs. In Arena opponents' level setting is related to the comparison to your league, it can be restricted by just setting non "my league" options to "I never want to play with"... If THAT doesn't work then tha...
by Yasten
01 February 2022, 17:58
Forum: Color Pop
Topic: What is the tie braker in Color Pop?
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Re: What is the tie braker in Color Pop?

The usual tie breaker is least tokens left (normal goal) then least tokens of your color on your side. The number should be the highest to win a tiebreak bc the tiebreaker score is tokens of your color taken by all your OPPONENTS, not just the tied one.
by Yasten
25 January 2022, 19:19
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Game Penalty from when my computer was off
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Re: Game Penalty from when my computer was off

Why would you want to autostart a realtime game if the other player is offline tbh... That can be a source of penalties. :? I understand turn based but... I think sometimes I cancelled search but I still got a match actually.
by Yasten
13 January 2022, 19:33
Forum: Rallyman: GT
Topic: How to start solo mode
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Re: How to start solo mode

jimmygintheuk wrote: 18 July 2020, 11:21 How can you change the settings to choose solo before you open the table to others?

I seem to have to choose mode, time and then who to play with before I can access the settings. :cry:
Once you select training mode, you don't need to choose time limits actually.

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