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by nordloc
29 July 2019, 07:33
Forum: Kingdomino
Topic: blue and green
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Re: blue and green

I am red/green colour-blind so just having the kingdoms differentiated by having a thin coloured line around them makes it hard for me to tell which kingdom belongs to which player. It is likely that 5-8% of players will have similar difficulties. Please could the kingdoms also be labelled with the ...
by nordloc
12 October 2018, 17:03
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Confirm move in Tokaido
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Re: Confirm move in Tokaido

I have to agree with the OP. I stopped playing Tokaido on my mobile devices, because the risk of clicking on the wrong location is way too high. It happened to me earlier this week, when I wanted to zoom but instead the interface registered a move to a location I didn't want to go to. This could ne...
by nordloc
24 May 2017, 13:21
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Go
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Re: Go

There are various different sets of rules for Go, with slight variations. BGA uses the rules formulated by the American Go Association (AGA), which are also used in Britain and France. The rule about giving a stone to your opponent when you pass is part of the AGA rules and is intended to make the t...

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