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by nandblock
20 July 2019, 16:42
Forum: Tash-Kalar
Topic: Progress on Tash-Kalar
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Re: Progress on Tash-Kalar

There is only one expansion included, Everfrost. I don't think that any updates are being planned at the moment.

At some point CGE plans to issue their own app version, which would have all the expansions and variants, but I think that has taken a back seat to the Through the Ages app/expansion.
by nandblock
02 July 2019, 23:11
Forum: BGA release notes
Topic: New trophy design
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Re: New trophy design

FWIW I like the new trophies. They look a lot cooler.
by nandblock
23 June 2019, 04:15
Forum: Not Alone
Topic: Selecting New Place Cards
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Re: Selecting New Place Cards

Yes, the other cards more directly help the team, but simply not getting caught in itself helps the team!

That said, yeah, not my first pick of card, unless some of the other ones have been claimed.
by nandblock
20 May 2019, 07:10
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Invitation list - indicate how often / how recently a player has played
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Invitation list - indicate how often / how recently a player has played

I often find myself inviting some people to play games and it becomes apparent that they actually never play the game, even though it's on their list of games. This can have many reasons--two common reasons are: they used to play it a while ago but lost interest, or they only play in real time or tu...
by nandblock
07 May 2019, 02:44
Forum: Not Alone
Topic: First move
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Re: First move

Agreed that the main thing is to spread out. It may even be worth publicly discussing this, if there are 5 Hunted players and 1 Creature: just say "OK, each of us goes to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5", and let the Creature pick one of them (presumably 1 is likely as it nets 2 red cubes). 4 is decent, except it's k...
by nandblock
24 April 2019, 22:46
Forum: innovation
Topic: Value of cards?
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Re: Value of cards?

Are you sure you've understood the rules? What do you mean by "value"? The age number, assuming that is what you mean, is right on every card. I don't know what black square you mean.
by nandblock
13 April 2019, 08:09
Forum: Not Alone
Topic: First move
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Re: First move

First move makes no sense in isolation. The hunted players need to get cards badly, and fast. This means they need to split up at the start--the creature can't hit 1, 3 and 5 all on the same turn (any players who manage to get 3 should probably put down 1+5 the next turn and hope the creature doesn'...
by nandblock
10 April 2019, 19:40
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: Not Alone
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Re: Not Alone

Oh, very glad to see this one on BGA. It's a clever, unusual and enjoyable 1-vs-many game.
by nandblock
14 February 2019, 18:43
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: Bigger avatars
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Re: Bigger avatars

I'm not sure I can tell the difference between a spot at a table that is "optional" and one that is "required"--it looks like the same grey question mark to me. (E.g. I want to be able to tell at a glance if a table for Eminent Domain is for 4 players but a 2p or 3p game is possible, or if the table...
by nandblock
02 February 2019, 00:54
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Thoughts on Dice Forge?
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Re: Thoughts on Dice Forge?

After a few games where I had my dice repeatedly hobbled by Tenacious Boar, it's a hard pass.

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