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by Victoria_La
03 November 2019, 23:01
Forum: Developers
Topic: Teotihuacan
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Re: Teotihuacan

Is this in the list of licensed game?
Why do you think admin have the graphics, if BGA has license (which I really doubt) then they will need to conect the publisher.
Is this your first game here? Its would be very ambitious it very complex game.
by Victoria_La
12 October 2019, 00:23
Forum: Developers
Topic: multiplayer: isCurrentPlayerActive() and checkAction()
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Re: multiplayer: isCurrentPlayerActive() and checkAction()

Check this thread about multiactive and onEnteringState

checkAction would return false only for activate player because if player is not activate action is not allowed, only activate players can do actions
by Victoria_La
07 April 2019, 23:38
Forum: Developers
Topic: coop games
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Re: coop games

How to actually implement it (scoring) documented here ... ie_breaker
by Victoria_La
27 September 2018, 00:17
Forum: Developers
Topic: Terminating games in progress on BGA Studio platform
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Re: Terminating games in progress on BGA Studio platform

AmadanNaBriona wrote:Thanks, that is very useful. I wish I could find where it was documented...
It is documented in ... BGA_Studio
"Stopping Hanging Game"
by Victoria_La
24 September 2018, 00:22
Forum: Eminent Domain
Topic: Planet costs and rewards on tablet
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Re: Planet costs and rewards on tablet

It should be standard tooltip support for mobile which is press and hold. If it does not work it maybe a bug with framework.
Does tooltip work on other games from same device?
by Victoria_La
24 September 2018, 00:19
Forum: Eminent Domain
Topic: Seeing in game timer
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Re: Seeing in game timer

joe2me wrote:yup. color of font needs to be changed for visibility
That should have been fixed... If its still black on black try force re-load page (ctrl+F5)
by Victoria_La
05 September 2018, 00:15
Forum: Developers
Topic: Studio Servers down?
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Studio Servers down?

I could not open any of my studio games or create a new one today: Unexpected error: Wrong formatted data from BGA gameserver 1 (method: createGame): Warning: mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/2002): Connection refused in /var/tournoi/release/tournoi-180822-2022-gs/www/include/ on li...
by Victoria_La
04 September 2018, 23:35
Forum: Developers
Topic: Disk quota
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Re: Disk quota

How big is your file? Is this new file? What name? Does it contain weird chars? If its existing file run Project check from Management, if
you close to your file limits it will report
by Victoria_La
11 July 2018, 02:03
Forum: Developers
Topic: Sandbox screenshare
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Re: Sandbox screenshare

I was hoping somebody do tutorial too! Somebody just did a game, like that Zombie one, so maybe that person can write a tutorial?
After that deck fiasco I did not look at it again, because I want to fix it first :)
by Victoria_La
03 July 2018, 23:55
Forum: Developers
Topic: Started developing on BGA studio, ran into issues
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Re: Started developing on BGA studio, ran into issues

Could not find tutorialreversinmego, but there is
and its working more less

Regarding removal have to wait until admin reads this...

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