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by Brisbane Roar
30 October 2017, 16:53
Forum: Love Letter
Topic: Love Letter Thoughts
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Love Letter Thoughts

I started playing love letter last week and I must admit I'm quite addicted to it now. Love letter reminds me a lot of the game "coup" (maybe BGA could add this? :D) which I used to also play frequently. However after many games of coup I realized that it's only really playable with 2 or a...
by Brisbane Roar
10 October 2017, 22:20
Forum: Tokaido
Topic: Souvenir Cards (Uchiwa)
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Souvenir Cards (Uchiwa)

I've noticed a small glitch regarding the souvenir cards. There are two Uchiwas (part of small objects). I believe the missing one is Hashi (chopsticks). Hope this can be fixed soon.

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