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by Punk0
13 September 2018, 01:18
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: Eminent Domain
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Re: Eminent Domain

Another one I've got in my collection, but haven't been able to get to the table. By having it here, I get to use that as an excuse to play it so we can learn another game to play on the site. Love this site. I paid for a year, and once that's up, I can't imagine not renewing if you can keep up the ...
by Punk0
28 August 2018, 02:45
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: Carcassonne: The River
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Re: Carcassonne: The River

Love all the Carcassonne expansions. Keep 'em coming!
by Punk0
07 July 2018, 18:04
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: 7 Wonders
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Re: 7 Wonders

This is a big one that a week ago I would have guessed you'd never be able to get. Good job, and keep 'em coming!
by Punk0
15 April 2018, 20:53
Forum: Celestia
Topic: Why does a 2-6 player board game require 4 players here?
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Why does a 2-6 player board game require 4 players here?

My 2 friends and I tried to play a game yesterday and couldn't because the minimum player count is 4 here. I don't understand why that's so, since I own the board game and the minimum is 2. I understand it plays better with more people, but not allowing something in the actual game rules (which are ...

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