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by Hirakoba
07 February 2020, 18:54
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]
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Re: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]

ppsantos wrote:
07 February 2020, 17:10
Great job!

Why not make each season's end coincide with the year's end, in December? That way, each season's winner is also that year's winner.
A whole year is way too long.
by Hirakoba
12 September 2019, 10:35
Forum: BGA release notes
Topic: A new lobby for BGA
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Re: A new lobby for BGA

The ability to quickly create tables and to see how many open tables there are that you can join for each individual game at a glance are super sweet.
by Hirakoba
07 May 2019, 09:06
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Tournament tab in games is no more
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Re: Tournament tab in games is no more

Looks like it's back to working fine now, thank you! :D
by Hirakoba
06 May 2019, 16:35
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Tournament tab in games is no more
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Tournament tab in games is no more

Is this an intended change, or a bug?
by Hirakoba
15 September 2018, 17:39
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: list of competitions
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Re: list of competitions

VilBoub wrote:In the list of competitions, would it be possible to have an indication to know which competitions we have already registered?

The tournament list could do with many small improvements, actually.
by Hirakoba
29 July 2018, 18:16
Forum: Tournaments / Les tournois
Topic: How to create tournament
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Re: How to create tournament

I believe that a tournament's prestige points are based on participants.
by Hirakoba
10 July 2018, 08:01
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: 7 Wonders
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Re: 7 Wonders

The explanation video you linked is very well put together, I feel ready to try out the game now!
by Hirakoba
13 May 2018, 07:08
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Tournaments suggestion
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Tournaments suggestion

It would be incredibly useful if from the list of tournaments you could already tell if you signed up for them or not. Like a check mark or a note next to the open for sign up line saying "You are registered for this tournament". A way to see the list of all the tournaments you have created, so you ...
by Hirakoba
10 May 2018, 09:27
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Option to gift premium membership to winner of a tournament
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Option to gift premium membership to winner of a tournament

I think it would be a cool option when starting a tournament if we could decide to gift the eventual winner a one month premium membership (by paying upfront for it, and in case nobody signs up for the tournament, the membership could be automatically given to the person who started the tournament i...
by Hirakoba
09 May 2018, 15:33
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: P.I.
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Re: P.I.

Already one of my favorite games, thank you for adding it to the site!

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