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by bushbabe
09 August 2018, 23:16
Forum: Hanabi
Topic: Leaving Hanabi when things are not perfect
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Leaving Hanabi when things are not perfect

Hi gamers, I have the following problem. It's a thing that's bugging me. When you play Hanabi some players want to quit the game when things don't go perfect or when the deck is a bit challenging. Just a minute ago I played Hanabi and the person I played with wanted to quit after a few minutes, beca...
by bushbabe
02 January 2018, 22:07
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: Happy New Year: 1 million players!
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Re: Happy New Year: 1 million players!

Congratulations, happy new year and THANKS :D :D :D
by bushbabe
30 April 2017, 08:12
Forum: Translations
Topic: About game name policy
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Re: About game name policy

The same question about Incan Gold. In the announcement it's called "Inca Goud" (= Incan Gold) in Dutch. If you search the game with that name you'll find nothing. In the list with games it's called "Diamant". "Inca Goud" is more to the point since it's about an Incan Temple. If you look for the gam...
by bushbabe
01 April 2017, 09:07
Forum: Official announcements [en]
Topic: April fool's : BGA logo : back to basics
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Re: BGA logo : back to basics

Hi! I've read this post (and translated in in Dutch). Being an engineer myself I understand what your saying. However I think form and function can go perfectly together. I have a kid (engineer to be probably) who's great in designing websites. Easy to the eye is a first step in easy to use. Perhaps...

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