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by StalkerB
27 June 2020, 09:21
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Additional Favorites Categories
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Additional Favorites Categories

I will now spell favourites correctly but just in case someone is searching by title :) I currently have around 25 games in my favourites. These are games that I know the rules for and am happy to play or teach. However, BGA's catalogue is rapidly expanding and even though it becomes harder to find ...
by StalkerB
19 June 2020, 19:20
Forum: "Alpha" games
Topic: Room 25 Utimate now available
Replies: 6
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Re: Room 25 Ultimate now available

Can I suggest adding a 'reveal all tiles' at the end of the game button?

Sometimes if you have to guess a direction to go and die horribly, it would be nice to see what was the other way.
by StalkerB
19 June 2020, 19:18
Forum: Incan Gold
Topic: Is there a setting to show the next card after a game ends?
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Re: Is there a setting to show the next card after a game ends?

Came here to suggest adding the same thing. Going 'rabbit chasing' after everyone has left to see what you could have won. It literally doesn't matter, and you really shouldn't care, but... everybody wants to see what would have happened if they stayed in. A 'reveal next card if all players leave' s...

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