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Postby Een » 07 February 2018, 13:29

Today, yesterday and tomorrow, we have the pleasure to release Khronos, a game about time travel from Arnaud Urbon and Ludovic Vialla published by Matagot!

In Khronos, you don't get just one board, but three! One for each of three successive time periods you'll be able send your adventurers to in order to expand your realms geographically and through time. Starting with the Middle Ages, you'll use cards to build up domains with military, civil and religious buildings. And actually some of these buildings, relatively to their size, will "ripple" through time, which means that they will persist in time and thus appear in subsequent time periods (Renaissance and Modern times) as operational buildings or as ruins needing some restoration.

Since you'll get revenue only for the periods in which one of your adventurer is present on the 2 revenue turns, you'll need to be cautious to manage your domains to be ready for these revenue turns, and to still be able to send an adventurer through time on the right board! Depending on the board, domains will be controlled by the most prestigious military building, the most prestigious religious building or by a majority of controlled civil buildings, so you'll need to try to develop all three types of buildings to get the most revenue out of all periods. Since you can upgrade, downsize and demolish buildings, connect or divide domains, this will create many situations and opportunities to take advantage of. And some surprises too! For example a temporal paradox can destroy one of your buildings if another building created in a previous period ripples (by chance or intent) exactly at the same location!

So, will you be a master of time?

For Khronos, our thanks go to the publisher Matagot for allowing us to create this adaptation on Board Game Arena, and to the developer Elena Laskavaia (Victoria_La) who implemented once more a very complex game for the board game community to enjoy online! Kudos!


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Re: Khronos

Postby andshar » 10 February 2018, 21:52

I've been trying to wade through the rules for Khronos. It looks intriguing but the rules are fairly complex and confusing, especially because they are written describing the 3 boards as periods of time rather than 3 boards. I admit that I'm not that good at understanding how to play a game just from reading the rules. Maybe someone could do a video run through to demo the game. At this point, there don't seem to be any such videos available. Thanks.

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Re: Khronos

Postby nandblock » 11 February 2018, 01:02

I think Matagot used to have an instructional video that was helpful but I can't find it anymore :(

Yeah, the game is not especially grokkable from the rules as printed. I've played it twice, once in person and once online, and remain largely mystified.

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Re: Khronos

Postby Liallan » 11 February 2018, 09:28

I don't know the game, but just curious if anyone has checked Board Game Geek? I can't speak for how good any of it is, but there's a FAQs and some playing guides in the files, some "session" videos (which may help even without an instructional one), plus the rules forum.

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