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Re: Taluva

Postby inamo » 07 November 2018, 10:20

super!!! Nie liczyłam, że jednak to się stanie. dzięki!!! :D

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Re: Taluva

Postby mPony » 08 November 2018, 00:02

I'm so happy Taluva is available to play on BGA. :) Thanks!

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Re: Taluva

Postby volkerk » 18 November 2018, 19:22

Back to the question of having two temples or towers in the same village. The rule states (and this was repeated above) that it's possible to have this when connecting two villages, but the game is in fact letting you place a tower or temple to be that connecting piece, i.e. if one of the villages did not have one yet you can place it even if that would connect the village to one that already had one (meaning that the tower/temple is illegal to place with respect to one village, but legal with respect to another). Just wanted to clarify this, as I find it not quite clear in the rules.

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