A lot of (small) little things

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A lot of (small) little things

Postby sourisdudesert » 09 June 2017, 17:15


During these past weeks, we worked on some details to make BGA more pleasant. Most of these changes has been suggested by you, and we'd like to thank you for that :)

As you know, we are working a lot since last year to make BGA more and more accessible to everyone, while keeping all the features you love. This is not always easy and straightforward, but it's worth doing it because a lot of board game players are not so comfortable with computers and need something simple to play online.

Here is a non exhaustive list of these changes :

BGA homepage has been redesigned, with large images for the news ("News website design"), making them more visible and appealing.

The community page has been redesigned too, making it more clear.

We made sure that links on chat & newsfeed are now clickable.

You now have to confirm before "replaying game from this point" : a lot of you on mobile were complaining that the replay was often triggered accidentally.

The chat windows for mobile has been totally redesigned. Before that it was very difficult to use on mobile : now it looks like any messaging app on mobile and it should be fine :)

By general demand, we finally created one forum per game. By default, only forums from the games you played are displayed, and they are sorted by latest messages posted, so even there are a lot of forums you should be able to use it :)

Finally, we moves "current game in progress / curent turn based games / games invitation" to the right column. Before that they were making the whole BGA "bump" when appearing/disappearing. We know that you are used to see them on top, but we are confident that you will get used to it very quick!


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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby Otithes » 09 June 2017, 17:40

Thank you! Good changes all around. I love the new chat window on mobile, and also the fact that we can now see the game log on mobile. I have one small suggestion... would it be possible to make the text field (where a user would type in the chat) bigger on mobile? Keep up the good work :)

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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby LightKnight » 09 June 2017, 17:50

All these changes seem so good to me ! 8-) Thank you very much ! :D

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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby ckwatt » 09 June 2017, 19:16

Great improvements all around, thanks! Keep up the great work!

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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby travbot » 09 June 2017, 22:57

Thanks for the hard work to make this site very enjoyable. :)

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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby dudi2 » 09 June 2017, 23:24

One suggestion for new mobile (small screen) chat: If one chat is maximized and then closed, the next chat should be displayed maximized.
This would make it easier to browse through the single chats and close them.

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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby babsrambler » 10 June 2017, 01:32


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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby andycupid » 10 June 2017, 06:48

A big thanks to the developers and operators. It has been such great jobs done!

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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby Liallan » 10 June 2017, 11:53

sourisdudesert wrote:BGA homepage has been redesigned, with large images for the news ("News website design"), making them more visible and appealing.

I'm sure someone will hate me for this... I'm not concerned about the large images and all. But is it entirely necessary for the news boxes to have text that pops up from the bottom every time my mouse runs over it? Anything moving on a page like that is not just distracting to me, but sorts of freaks me out because my eyes are catching that even if I'm not looking directly at it. Yes, I know it's the "thing" these days, but it bothers me everywhere I see things like. I even wonder if that stuff bothers epileptics. I'm not one, but I could understand that since it rather makes my brain feel like I just drank a ton of caffeine. (I also don't get how that can stay interesting after you've seen it enough times.) At the very least could it become a "true hover." i.e. that my mouse just zooming over something super fast just trying to get to somewhere else doesn't trigger that? (And if I'm trying to get somewhere else, theoretically there's no need to see such a visual.)

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Re: A lot of (small) little things

Postby DrFriendless » 11 June 2017, 05:09

It's looking nicer, thank you.

In the box that tells me I've been challenged to a game, could you please put the name of the opponent(s)? Thank you!

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