Takara Island (+ 3D!)

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Takara Island (+ 3D!)

Postby sourisdudesert » 22 June 2017, 14:39


We are proud to introduce Takara Island, a game from Takahiro Amioka and Sayaka Amioka published by Ferti and illustrated by Naïade.

This game is also the occasion to introduce a new (experimental) feature on BGA: 3D view. We won't say much more about this feature now, since it is still very experimental and so it may be difficult to play some existing BGA games currently with this mode. Still, we decided to make it available today for all games so that you can have fun taking a look at it! Unlike older BGA games, Takara Island adaptation has been specifically optimized for 3D so you can enjoy a really good 3D with this game :)


In Takara Island, you are adventurers trying to find an incredible treasure: the two Stones of Legend. The two stones are buried in 2 of the 6 galleries that you can explore on the island in the form of decks of 9 cards each.

With your 2 adventurers, on your turn you can do 2 actions among the following:
_ secretly look at the top 3 cards of a deck;
_ "dig", the top card of a deck, which means flipping it and applying its effect: take it if it is a treasure, fight if it is a monster, ...
_ dig a rockfall. Rockfalls block the exploration, and you need 2 adventurers to remove it (but you are rewarded with money for that :) ).
_ or any other action on the board, including recruiting a specialist (who will grant you a special power).

To do all this, you will sometimes need money, for example to:
_ rent the sword, which you need to fight monsters;
_ hire an extra adventurer (+1 action per turn);
_ hire a specialist for the current turn.

The game ends when the 2 stones have been found, or when there is no doubt anymore about their location (ex: 4 empty stacks and no Stones found). But be careful, the Stones of Legend brings victory points only if both have been found... and everyone loses the game if no stone has been found!

Will you take the risk to dig a gallery without having a look first? Is your opponent digging this gallery because he located one of the Stones or is it just a bluff? Takara Island is a very original exploration game with interesting mechanisms, and also really easy to learn: you should definitively give it a try!

The original idea of bringing Takara Island to BGA comes from Naïade, the artist who also illustrated Seasons and Tokaido (and many other games). Thanks a lot to him for this idea and for creating such beautiful artwork for games!

Takara Island adaptation has been developed by Antonio Soler (Morgalad) using BGA Studio. Antonio did an extraordinary work on this adaptation and especially on the 3D effects: thanks a lot for making this adaptation so beautiful!

BGA would also like to thank Ferti for their work on this game and for making it possible to have it here online.


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Re: Takara Island (+ 3D!)

Postby squarerootofthree » 22 June 2017, 18:16

Thanks for the game and interesting news about the 3D functionality. As long as 2D is still an option (especially on mobile) than I have no problem with more 3D-based games down the line.

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Re: Takara Island (+ 3D!)

Postby A1A-FTL » 24 June 2017, 20:02

What a pompous comment. Thanks folks for a new option!

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Re: Takara Island (+ 3D!)

Postby shire_tree » 25 June 2017, 04:59

This looks great! Thank you guys for all your hard work!! :D LOVE the art. 3D looks cool.

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Re: Takara Island (+ 3D!)

Postby Spiek » 26 June 2017, 14:18

I second the "Keep a 2D option". 3D looks great and is admittedly pretty cool but adds a unnecessary layer of complication. These games aren't first person shooters or involve exploring intricate 3D worlds.

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Re: Takara Island (+ 3D!)

Postby Morgalad » 26 June 2017, 19:18

The game is completely playable in 2D mode, but I designed all game elements like the dice, the cards, the decks, the player tiles with their positions and volumes in 3D. So the feeling of being playin the "real" tabletop version is more intense. Also in this game the 3D is just an addition, something nice to see , like a "real" dice rolling" . But this opens the doors to other kind of board games where 3D elements were really difficult to implement or we had to sacrifice some visual accuracy to have a playable web version. (think in Colt Express with a real 3D train or the bamboos of Takenoko ) Having the option to play with the 3D perspective is a great addition to us the developers and opens new options to develop other games were 3D is an important part of the game, think for example in Mahjongg. Of course Mahjongg can be developed in 2D... (this has be done before many times) but it would be much easier to develop and to understand by the player in 3d.

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