Stir Fry Eighteen

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Stir Fry Eighteen

Postby Een » 06 July 2017, 09:55


We are happy today to release the first cooking game to become available on BGA! Stir Fry Eighteen is a fun and fast card micro-game designed by Marshall Britt and published by Yanaguana Games.

In Stir Fry Eighteen, you'll compete with other chefs to cook the best stir fried noodles by getting the most tasty ingredients together. Of course some ingredients go better with others, and you'll get extra points for tasty combos! On your turn, you can either cook (3 to 5 ingredients, it's mandatory to include noodles of course), or discard to draw some more cards. Your turn ends either by cooking, or if you decide to pass. Simple, right?

The thing is, when discarding you do it face down. For your discard to be valid (and to be able to draw some more cards), you must discard either a pair of same type cards, or a "protein" card (chicken, pork or shrimps). But you can bluff, and try to discard a mismatched pair, or just one soy sauce while saying it's shrimps. If everyone believes you, fine, you get to draw cards (3 for a discarded pair, 2/3/4 for discarded chicken/pork/shrimps). But another chef can call a "taste test" and check your discard... If you were actually bluffing, you don't get to draw anything, and the accusing chef will get to draw one more card at the start of his/her next turn. But if you were not bluffing, the accusing chef will lose all cards in hand, which can be quite a setback!

There is only eighteen cards in the game and the rules are simple, so the game is very fast to learn and you'll be cooking in no time! The first chef to get to 50 points will be the winner and the pride of the culinary world :)

For this game, our thanks go to the designer Marshall Britt (intelekt on BGA) for proposing his game to be adapted online here, and to DrKarotte who developed the game using BGA Studio. For this first adaptation, DrKarotte did a really nice job, with everything in the game flowing smoothly and really fast and fun like in the card game!

Have fun cooking!

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Re: Stir Fry Eighteen

Postby Griffindor » 07 July 2017, 01:02

Enjoying the game so far! Thank you for making it on BGA :)

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Re: Stir Fry Eighteen

Postby Oktober » 08 July 2017, 12:33

Thanks for making Stir Fry 18 available on BGA!!

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Re: Stir Fry Eighteen

Postby BrianW » 20 July 2017, 17:06

Never heard of this game before and I personally absolutely LOVE IT! I'm trying to get everyone I know to give it a try!

It's just too good and simple!

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