The Builders: Middle Ages

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The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby sourisdudesert » 18 July 2017, 16:02


We are proud to introduce today The Builders: Middle Ages, a game by Fred Henry published by Bombyx.

Do we really need to introduce this best-selling game? The Builders is the kind of game that every gamer can love. It is simple and short enough to be a "family" game, but it is rich enough to represent a real challenge for core gamers. In addition of all of this, one of the greatest quality of this game is that it is good with all players configuration (and really good with 2 players).

This game is primarily a race: the first player to reach 17 points triggers the end of the game. You win points (= crown icons) by building buildings using workers. On the image below you can see 3 buildings and 2 workers. The colored bars on the building cards are their cost, and the colored bars on the workers are their work capacity to fulfill that cost. Simple.


On your turn, you can do 3 actions among the following (the same action may be repeated):
_ pick an available building and put it in front of you.
_ pick an available worker and put it in front of you.
_ assign a worker to a building. This costs you coins (worker's salary, top right of worker card).
_ pick some coins (1 for 1 action, 3 for 2 actions, 6 for 3 actions).

To build a building, you must assign enough workers to it, so that the sum of all work capacities are greater or equal to the building costs. When this happens, the buildings is built, you earn the Victory Points, you gain the coins printed on the building, and the workers get back in front of you.

3 more (little rules):
_ assigning more than one worker to a given building during the same turn costs you extra actions (+1, +2, ...). This is why it is often a good idea to build several buildings at the same time. But be careful not to run out of money!
_ in addition to your 3 actions, you may buy additional actions for 5 coins each. This is particularly useful to rush to reach 17 points to end the game.
_ at the end of the game, each 10 coins gives you an additional Victory Point.

This board game is very popular and we are happy to integrate it into BGA Premium games. It means that you need to be a Premium member to create new tables for this game (then any player can join your tables once created).

BGA would like to thank the game designer Fred Henry and the game publisher Bombyx for making it possible to have this adaptation on BGA. Also, Bombyx just released a very original new game named Catch the Moon that we strongly encourage you to check!


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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby senatorhung » 18 July 2017, 16:51

just played thru my first game .. will likely play it again.

however, the images in the playing area cut off the bottom symbols such that it can be hard to tell the number of tile resources. not sure if adjusting the resolutions would help .. but it cost me my first game :(

EDIT: i replayed that first game ... and was able to see the full cards by adjusting the browser zoom (from 80% up to 100%). not ideal, but at least i won't lose a game to that again lol.

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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby travbot » 18 July 2017, 18:23

Looking forward to trying this one out. Thanks! :D

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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby LucianObi » 18 July 2017, 19:42

I love this game!

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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby turtler7 » 19 July 2017, 00:11

I have played this once physically and it seemed a popular option that all players could handle. I have played a few rounds on here and this is a great game for how quickly it can be played and that the options will always shift so you must adapt to the situation or what your opponent might be hoping to grab.

All in all, I am giving this game a 10/10 for exactly the type of thing that will play exceptionally well with BGA gaming format.

To celebrate the kickoff of a new and exciting game that plays well with 2 players I am throwing a launch tournament into the mix starting tomorrow at noon EST. Anyone who wants to join is welcome! I can manually invite any players who do not yet have 100 elo (most of us). This will allow players who are not premium to get good guaranteed access to play the game with a swiss tournament format. join here Message me if you need a personal invite.

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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby CJ ORACLE » 23 July 2017, 14:20

"Do we really need to introduce this best-selling game? "

Answer: Probably. It's ranked a "whopping" 1309th at boardgamegeek

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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby Liallan » 29 July 2017, 08:12

CJ ORACLE wrote:"Do we really need to introduce this best-selling game? "

Answer: Probably. It's ranked a "whopping" 1309th at boardgamegeek

I agree they should introduce it, and every game. But its rank on BGG is irrelevant. But even being in the top 5 there doesn't mean everyone knows it. Through the Ages is ranked second, but I know literally nothing about it.

I think it was probably just something to say. It must get painful having to always find a way to introduce a new game. I wouldn't want the job.

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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby Trax » 29 July 2017, 23:30

I have this game... and love it... would love to see how it Works out here.....

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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby skovatch » 06 August 2017, 16:09

Just an FYI... you will have a hard time playing this in Safari on macOS High Sierra public beta. When completed, cards simply draw their fronts backwards, which can make it hard to tell if you have completed a building or not. Chrome works fine, though, so it's a bug on Apple's part, not BGA. But if you have the mentioned configuration, keep it in mind before you start a game.

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Re: The Builders: Middle Ages

Postby Faedur » 27 August 2017, 17:21

Yeah ! I'm lovin'it !

Just discovered this game this summer with my brother when he brought it and you put it on BGA right now.

What about Antiquity version ? :D

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