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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Liallan » 25 August 2017, 13:34

Coach Phil wrote:I really love playing games on this site but I do have some negative comments in regards to some of the play on here. The games that are suppose to be typically random (Can't stop, Yahtzee, etc.) seem to be geared toward higher ranking players. Just played a game in which the opening round, the player took the number 5 all the way to claim the column in Can't Stop. As many games as I have played of Can't Stop, I have never witnessed a round in which someone has taken that many turns and not crap out so to speak.

I have. I've seen 20+ rolls. Not to mention that I just came in I think 4th in a 5 player Yahtzee when I was the high ELO. So this just isn't true. And I've beat high level players on Can't Stop.

This is a really typical misconception about dice games, that it's not truly random. They don't have any reason to cheat and gear the games towards high ELO players. I won't pretend I like everything they do here, but I do trust they aren't trying to help players cheat. The thing about probabilities is they are just that: probabilities. Not guarantees. Each roll is independent and has the same probability as the last 3 rolls, and last 3000 and last 3 million rolls. And yes it can happen that someone runs a column, and I've seen it. I play this game on two sites, and between the two have about as many games as you do. I'm surprised you don't see this more often. I don't really know how to figure the probability of this particular type of thing, so someone else can figure that out.

Usually in the case of randomness like this, people tend towards noticing the oddball stuff and not noticing what seems more normal. Higher ranked players generally get that way by playing the odds and understanding how the game works. They sometimes get columns by running them all in one turn, or maybe two turns. While they're doing this, they "crap out" a lot too, but they only need to "run it" once. And I bet you aren't noticing all the times they crap out.

EDIT: I looked at that game. Your opponent was on 5, 7 & 8. Those are good odds and that's when I see people roll 20 times and get away with it. And ELO of 254 is not a higher ranked player. The top 10 are all 476 and higher.

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Pooguin » 25 August 2017, 14:12


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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Voltman005 » 25 August 2017, 18:26

add a new game about

Dice war,please!!

It was a flash game and i know it already have online version.(which one i hate because u can't invite ur friends play with u there)

but still , i hope play dice way @ BGA

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Victoria_La » 25 August 2017, 23:53

travbot wrote:Are there any plans to permit each user to see his preferred color as a default for every game?

I prefer to play Carcassonne with yellow, but every so often my opponent is yellow, and I have to play with a secondary choice. Since we are playing in a virtual world it would be possible for each of us to be yellow and our opponent another color. What I see on my display would be yellow meeples for me, and my opponent would see yellow meeples for him on his display. Each display would should the opponent's meeples in another color.

Thanks for the consideration! :)

Well if we start answering each other's post I will answer this one, as a sw developer.
1) Implementing games this way would be significantly more complicated, so even 10% more dev time would not be worth it
2) Imaging now confusion when you are spectator or want to see game reply, and talk about this game with other people? If you don't login and see your own game you won't recognise it because you will see from some default perspective
3) A lot of game have special meaning related to color, i.e. chess or terra mystica, and some may not have your color
4) Its not a good idea in general to get used to certain color, because in real life you will be confused if somebody else plays your color (like it happens to me all the time now - when I can't play red, I am pretty much screwed)

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Shaq Jenkins » 26 August 2017, 03:44

1. Are you going to modify the preferred color system to include purple (and other colors that currently aren't available)? I cashed in my gift points and bought a one month membership, and I was disappointed that I couldn't pick purple. The games that I play frequently have purple as an option, and I'm sure there's other purple addicts out there who would appreciate this.

2. Are you going to include more ways for us to earn gift points? Right now, you can only earn points by winning a game for the first time, translating, or playing someone's first BGA game with them. What about gaining points by winning a tournament, inviting new people to BGA, or buying something from your Redbubble shop?

3. Do you have any plans to change the current leaderboard system? As we've discussed many, many times on this forum, way too many players are cheating and abusing the system. I also think that the leaderboard needs to be more specific - for example, 2 player Tokaido is a completely different game than 4 player Tokaido, and they involve totally different strategies. Just because someone is good at one mode doesn't mean they're good at every single one (I'm a pretty solid 4 person Tokaido player but absolutely terrible at the 2 player version).

Thank you for answering everyone's question. I appreciate your hard work in making this site run efficiently. :)

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby yangtze » 26 August 2017, 07:48

How can I create a module for BGA for my game Mabinogion, self-published via the GameCrafter. (See boardgamegeek pages)

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby sourisdudesert » 26 August 2017, 10:45

Thank you for your all your questions!

Now it's time to close this topic: we will publish our answers soon :)

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