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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Tortom » 23 August 2017, 17:51

BGA is the slowest and most unreliable site that I use - and I've checked with the people I play against and they feel the same way.

I don't mean to be critical - I think this is mostly because it is, by necessity, a very complicated site with tons of javascript.

Never-the-less, we find it very frustrating so I wonder - are you working on anything that might bring us some relief?

- New servers in different regions? We are in Canada and wonder whether you've stuck to one, EU region, for your servers? (I think both AWS and GCP have added Montreal regions recently!)

- Better caching (maybe even ServiceWorkers)?

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby travbot » 23 August 2017, 18:39

Are there any plans to permit each user to see his preferred color as a default for every game?

I prefer to play Carcassonne with yellow, but every so often my opponent is yellow, and I have to play with a secondary choice. Since we are playing in a virtual world it would be possible for each of us to be yellow and our opponent another color. What I see on my display would be yellow meeples for me, and my opponent would see yellow meeples for him on his display. Each display would should the opponent's meeples in another color.

Thanks for the consideration! :)

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Deuce Heart » 23 August 2017, 18:52

I have a couple of suggestions for changes I'd like to see.

Firstly, eliminate the pop-up box during log out that asks me if I also want to log out of Facebook. Sometimes I accidentally say yes, and it logs me out of FB, and that's very annoying. BGA shouldn't care if I'm still logged into FB after I leave the site.

Secondly, there should be a way to dismiss the alerts that show up at the top of the page when I do something wrong (alllll the time!). Because if I happen to click the wrong action several times at once (trying to place workers in Stone Age, for example), I can wind up with three or four of those alerts and it covers up useful info on the playing area and I have to wait around for them to disappear.

Thanks for running a great gaming site!


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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby lincro » 23 August 2017, 18:58

As a premium member, I appreciate being afforded the opportunity to have my color preferences as a player (blue, yuk :P) but there are colors (ex. purple :D ) that are available in some some games (ex. those in 6 nimmt or tokaido) that I prefer more, but are not on the color preference list. Any chance that list can be expanded and/or a game-specific list can be added?

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Laisa20 » 23 August 2017, 19:29

can you add the game "settlers of catan"? it's a very funny game!

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Hi will you guys get "Manila" in this site?

Postby beiyingxue » 23 August 2017, 19:40

Hi will you guys get "Manila" in this site? That is a good game

Time vdv
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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Time vdv » 23 August 2017, 19:46

How international is your audience?

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Raul4ever » 23 August 2017, 20:44

I am a new player to this site. I was wondering what the new games under development were. I would prefer some mystery, role play games on the site like eldrich horror, dead of winter etc where you take on the role of different characters with varying abilities. Thanks for the great site.

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby vollkommenheit » 23 August 2017, 20:53

Do you plan to introduce a function that would allow you to play board games for money?

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby IfUWant2Know » 23 August 2017, 21:25

I was wondering if on the "Play Now" page, if you could make the "Play" and "Games you want to play" bars expandable, so that if you want to see them you can open them, but otherwise they would be closed.

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