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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Timmeh » 23 August 2017, 21:40

Is there any chance you will bring The Voyages of Marco Polo to your already awesome list of games?

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Purzner » 23 August 2017, 21:48

If you guys brought in Terraforming Mars i might have to quit my daily job because i would never want to stop playing it haha

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby duckmammal » 23 August 2017, 21:58

Is there a way that I could contribute to this site's English language experience?

There have been a number of times when I've been confused by the rules wording, or a word choice, and I believe it is due to incorrect translations.
I would love to help on a short term or long term basis, free of charge.

I believe it would help the experience of English speaking board game players that use your site.

All the best,

Come tilts
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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Come tilts » 23 August 2017, 22:35

es posible terraforming ??

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby NomadicJ » 23 August 2017, 23:13

I'd love to see a breakdown for people's rankings when you hover over it if possible. Is that something you're already looking into or considering? Something like how many games a person has won with 2 players, 3 players or 4 players, and maybe the last time they played the game?

Maybe I'm just being petty, but it drives me nuts when people find a "loophole" or find a game to exploit and master the 2 player version of a game for example, but are terrible at 3 or 4 player versions. Some people only play to get a high ranking and then never play the game again. It's annoying. At least with the "hover breakdown" then you'd know if their ranking is a "real ranking" or just one that they got playing all 2 player games 6 months ago and haven't played the game since then. Does that make sense? It's kinda hard to explain writing it out.

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby chavel0sky » 24 August 2017, 00:06

It would be nice to have notifications when it's my turn on the web browser, just like those that I get from Facebook when I'm using Google Chrome :)

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Superspoofer » 24 August 2017, 01:05

Please add Chrononauts!

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Scottdawn1 » 24 August 2017, 04:23

I would love to see an undo option. Or add a confirm your move click. Either way would be a tremendous benefit to fat fingers. (Obviously you can't do that for a roll of the dice type move, but Tokaido, Stone Age, Nippon come to mind.)

Thank for the great site!

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Asyl » 24 August 2017, 07:41

Hello! When will the game of the agricole win?

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Re: Ask Us Anything!

Postby Want_You » 24 August 2017, 07:50

What's the meaning of "at the end of 2017" ... :)

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