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Bubblee Pop: Level Up!

Postby sourisdudesert » 01 September 2017, 08:48


Last April, a new phenomenon appeared on Board Game Arena: Bubblee Pop!

Almost 80.000 games later (yes, 80.000 !), this short, simple and addictive game for 2 players has become one of the most played games here: thank you everyone for this tremendous success!

Thanks to Bankizzz Editions, we are now happy to introduce Level Up!, the brand-new expansion for Bubblee Pop available this September in all good board game stores.

This expansion introduces 2 new families of Bubblees: the Oranges and the Whites.

When starting the game with the expansion, you must choose 5 colors/families among the 7 available (or ask BGA to randomly pick 5 for you). Each combination of 5 families creates a unique set of powers to play with, so this expansion really brings a lot of new possibilities!

Here are the powers of the new Bubblees:

Orange: you may steal a Bubblee, either from your opponent score area, or from your opponent planet, and place it in your Score Area.
White: you may take 1 Black Bubblee from the stock and place it UNDER one of your opponent planet's row (pushing the whole row up).

If you haven't played Bubblee Pop yet, this is of course the ideal moment to learn how to play & try it out!

It was a real pleasure for us at BGA to discover and playtest Bubblee Pop: Level Up! We strongly encourage all Bubblee Pop fans to buy it!

And of course BGA would like to send a big "thank you" to Bankizzz Editions for making it possible to have this new expansion here.


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Re: Bubblee Pop: Level Up!

Postby dhnyny » 01 September 2017, 15:34

Excellent expansion. This game has terrific potential for expansion because there are all kinds of interesting new bubblees that could be introduced. I can think of a variety of interesting powers, such as making a second swap of bubblees in the sky, removing a bubblee from any location on your planet, swapping bubblees between planets, etc.

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Re: Bubblee Pop: Level Up!

Postby Queen Michael » 02 September 2017, 12:48

This looks neat! I'll try it out right away!

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