Roll for the Galaxy

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Re: Roll for the Galaxy

Postby contig » 16 December 2017, 23:01

Is there a bug tracker for this game?

Sometimes galactic federation does not trigger when a development is completed (the dice are removed, but the development is not moved to the completed pile), so it would be good to discuss.

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Re: Roll for the Galaxy

Postby Fading Captain » 18 December 2017, 06:10

Thanks for bringing this one to BGA. This is a game that I really wanted to dive into, and I have not been able to play this one face-to-face as much as I want. Looking forward to getting in a lot of plays.

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Re: Roll for the Galaxy

Postby macic » 20 December 2017, 15:20

hey, the dictate option is buggy for me. it does not work sometimes, I choose the dice, click dictate, and later I'm not able to reallocate the dice to anything as it says I already did it. I'm using Google Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit). HOWEVER it did worked for me for first few rounds. BIZZARE

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Re: Roll for the Galaxy

Postby lincro » 26 December 2017, 14:58

Woohoo!!! I love Roll more than Race! Thank you, thank, thank you!

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Re: Roll for the Galaxy

Postby Mosse » 27 December 2017, 12:08

Awesome! Thank you!
If we can only get Jump Drive as well we'll have the entire trio! #cantblameadudeforhoping
They are all amazing games both on the table and here!

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