NARABI: Alrighty zen!

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NARABI: Alrighty zen!

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Let's go to Japan or more precisely to a Japanese garden. Narabi is a cooperative game where you will have to work as a team to put the mysterious Stones of the garden back in numerical order. Note that the Stone cards without numbers do not interrupt the order.

The funny thing is that during your game you are not allowed to verbally exchange with each other about the conditions on the back of your Stone cards' and in the advanced rules no communication is allowed at all. With the basic rules, however, it is not forbidden to say that the proposed exchange does not suit you...

Narabi is a card game where your communication will be limited. You will have to memorize the conditions as you see them in order to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.

An original element from the original game, the card sleeves are an integral part of the game not only for the protection of the cards but also for the gameplay.

At first the game seems simple, but for sure it will warm up your neurons a bit. There is a Rubik's cube aspect to it that when you have only one side left to align, you have to shake things up to move it.

In addition to the advanced rule that forces you not to speak, you can also add this one: A card received cannot be returned to its original position in the same turn.

In each game you shuffle the cards separately before placing them back into the card protectors 2 by 2 (Stone and Condition). There is plenty of replayability. Fun, fast, efficient, Narabi is perfect to warm up the brain. ;-)

You can play the game (or discover it through the tutorial provided) by clicking here:

We would like to thank the game designer, Daniel Fehr, and Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd. for their authorization to bring the game online.
The game has been developed by ufm, who did (again) an amazing job!

Alrighty zen!
That's it for this Monday,
As always, play fair and take care!
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Re: NARABI: Alrighty zen!

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Zen has nothing to do with numbered rocks. ;)
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Re: NARABI: Alrighty zen!

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Do you desire that people understand Zen better?
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