CHROMINO: Somewhere, over the dominoes...

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CHROMINO: Somewhere, over the dominoes...

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Chromino is the combination of two words, chromatic & domino.
Smart, eh?

The game itself is a great one to play with family members on a hot summer day.
The goal is simple: you have to empty your hand of Chromino tiles before the other players.

Each tile has three colors on it laid out in a 1x3 row. At the start of the game each player takes a hand of eight chrominoes, and a special starting tile with a wild center square is placed face-up on the table. Each turn, a player either places a chromino from their hand onto the table– with that chromino tile matching at least two colors on adjacent tiles already on the table– or they draw a new chromino tile from the stock, playing this tile if possible and keeping it otherwise. The first player to empty their hand wins.

The game include some variants, and you can learn to play it through its very short tutorial, available here: ... orial=880

Curious about it? Just click this link to go to the gamepage and discover more:

The game, designed by Louis Abraham and published by Asmodee, has been beautifully developed by MutantPigeon24, and we would like to thank all of them for their effort bringing this awesome game to Board Game Arena!

We're reaching the end of July, and the Summer of Games Calendar will come to an end soon.
Were you one of the few that was able to click each daily treasure chest on the frontpage? 4 more days to go!
Don't worry, there will be more events in the upcoming months.
Until then, take care, play fair and CHROME!
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