JUMP DRIVE: Out of the Van Allen belt! + 500 Games on BGA!

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JUMP DRIVE: Out of the Van Allen belt! + 500 Games on BGA!

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With the invention of Jump Drive, the race for the galaxy begins! Develop new technologies and settle worlds to build a space empire. Find winning card combinations!

Jump Drive is a fast-paced card game that introduces players to the Race for the Galaxy universe. Can you build the most prosperous galactic civilization?

Your goal is to have the most victory points after someone reaches at least 50 points. Once everyone has had an equal number of turns, the game is over.

During your turn, you will score points by paying for them in cards. For instance, to play a 3-cost card, you will need to essentially discard three cards from your hand. You can play one development and one world a turn. If you only do one of those two actions, the development is either cheaper or the world lets you draw a card. Besides those two actions, you can use your explore token to spend your turn focusing on drawing cards.

Cards will help you build combos or draw more cards. Some will have special abilities that affect income or scoring. Military cards can help you take care of hostile planets which offer great rewards but have planetary defences. In other words, you need to plan specifically to conquer them.

You are constantly drawing cards and using them to activate the best options in your hand. The trick is to not let your hand deplete too much or you will have serious economic problems.

The game plays in about 20 minutes and your economy will ramp up quickly to match this.
It is simpler and short than its older sister Race for the Galaxy, so why not give it a try ?

We would like to thank Tom Lehmann, as well as the team from Rio Grande Games for the licence, and the hard work from Kayvon and Mogri who made the BGA adaptation. Now you can play it almost anywhere!

Summer Of Games 2022 : Some stats after the end of the event:

It was a busy month with 1 game a day released and a lot of you came to Board Game Arena to click on our daily novelties.
Of course, the most important challenger was to come everyday to open all of them in a row.
And some people managed to do it from the first to the last day, everyday, being granted one of the rarest trophies on BGA:
- 63572 players have opened at least one game (1st award)
- 5557 players have opened 10 in a row (2nd award)
- 2639 players have opened 20 in a row (3rd award)
- 1164 players have opened all 31 and made it to the last award!

The original topic here:

Board Game Arena: 500+ Games!
It's an official milestone. You can play 500 different games on Board Game Arena.
That's a lot. And thanks to all of you, our wonderful partners and the outstanding developers, we are able to offer more things to do on Board Game Arena every week.
So thanks to all for this. For the links shared, for the support, for the streaming, etc.
Every move counts.
And we're really happy to have such a community.
Take care and play fair!
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Re: JUMP DRIVE: Out of the Van Allen belt! + 500 Games on BGA!

Post by rafiki_33 »

It is amazing that you had 31 games ready to go for the whole month of July - for me it was too much to play every single one but I loved reading and learning about the new games. Thank you so much for continuing to offer the absolute best value in online entertainment. 500 games and growing! I hope to see you reach 1000! :D
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Re: JUMP DRIVE: Out of the Van Allen belt! + 500 Games on BGA!

Post by ruffalo51 »

The best boardgame site on the web
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Re: JUMP DRIVE: Out of the Van Allen belt! + 500 Games on BGA!

Post by twistoffate1 »

ruffalo51 wrote: 01 August 2022, 17:04 The best boardgame site on the web
100%! Congratulations and thanks to the BGA team and all developers! So glad to be part of this community and various subgroups therein. :D
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Re: JUMP DRIVE: Out of the Van Allen belt! + 500 Games on BGA!

Post by kathench »

Thanks for being the best board game site. I have been here since 2013 and all through the pandemic I had a place to go to play games. Earlier this year i got your Nobel Prize for playing all the games. Thanks for keeping the games coming and hopefully you will keep having more milestones like 1000 games. Congratulations.
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Re: JUMP DRIVE: Out of the Van Allen belt! + 500 Games on BGA!

Post by __Crixus__ »

my experience after playing it, obviously it is located in race for the galaxy universe but feels almost nothing like race for the galaxy
it is extremely quick game and you must calculate every single move you make very very carefully, like huge carefully, like Rose+Jack+Titanic carefully
that can be also said for race for the galaxy but here challenge its even more extreme, like more extreme than gathering my guts and be brave enough to taste my wife's home made food ! her cooking anomalies skyrocketing all over the kitchen :D
let me explain this game in other way
if this game was modern battlefield and you are a sniper, you have 3 seconds for perfect headshot or your side is going to lose the war
if this game was medieval battle between knights, you have 3 seconds for perfect penetration into enemy's body weak spot right between that small and tiny gap through all that heavy thick armour
we all know that good luck tradition at the beginning of every game, well... in this game you gonna need every nano piece and trace of that luck :D

indeed jump drive this is !
for jump, time there is not !
for drive, time there is not !
to play
try you can
never to blink, careful you must be
before any fears it is where it ends
before any suffering it is where it lands
you can sing, you can dance
you can give your opponent a chance
you can laugh, you can cry
black hole swallows everything in a blink of an eye
truly it is
great game this one !

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Re: JUMP DRIVE: Out of the Van Allen belt! + 500 Games on BGA!

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