EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

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EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by DrClick »


To celebrate the Equinox, an assembly of fantastic creatures meets in a virgin forest. They compete for posterity using their magical powers and thus continue to exist in the tales and fables. Only 3 creatures will triumph, the others will unfortunately be forgotten. Bet on the creatures that will make it to the end of the tournament and earn you Prestige points.

Equinox is a card game of bidding/betting and hand management. The earlier your prediction (bet) is made the more points you will score; however, these Creatures will be the target of other players, who will try to eliminate them. You have 5 rounds to make a difference, and each round ends when a creature is eliminated from the current row. The game ends as soon as the deck of creature cards is empty or at the end of the 5th round.

Beautiful illustrations and good replayability, (8 of the 14 types of creatures will be used each game), Equinox is a must play at the 2 player setup, with the challenge increasing with the number of people around the table.

A perfect game for the autumn season, you can discover it by clicking here:

Of course, nothing would have been possible without the authorization from the game designer, Herr Doctor Reiner Knizia, and the amazing Plan B team who published this game.
And do you know why you should at least try this game? Cause it is all up to our dream-team members, Tisaac and vincentt, two of our greatest BGA developers who made it playable on your favorite platform. Yet again, they did a marvels: the game is playing perfectly on most devices, and as always, they would love to hear your comments. Don't forget that if there are still some bugs, you can report them using our bug report pages.

That's it for today!
As always, take care and play fair!
Next week will be all spooky around here.
Or at least... milky!
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Re: EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by marcnelsonjr »

I still like the Titan: The Arena art best, but I have to say this is a really pretty version.

Thanks for getting this on here!
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Re: EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by BluesEagle »

:D Thx for all efforts!
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Re: EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by ChewOnIt »

Thanks ! Though i was hoping for Knizia's Blue Moon ^_^
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Re: EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by DavidBadalona »

thanks a lot but its impossible to be play a game in arena, no players inside
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Re: EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by Parnon »

People who report bugs should be rewarded, it is more worth to report bugs than to play a new game and win it.
I in the past reported a lot of bugs and wasted a lot of time in an expansion game of RFTG xeno invasion I did not receive even a thanks..
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Re: EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by WesternBulldog »

Why is there no undo button? Ruins a game if you make a mistake
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Re: EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by Gryffone »

Scoring in the online game seems different from what is noted in the rulebook. The online seems to be adding another decimal to scoring.
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Re: EQUINOX: Knizia's mystical autumn

Post by MicNelson »

This is my most favorite board game! Thank you so much for making this online version! I am happy to pay the small premium fee to support your website! <3
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