MOW: I like to MOW it, MOW it!

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MOW: I like to MOW it, MOW it!

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A gentle breeze has set the green grass swaying, and the sun will soon be setting. Time to round up the cows and lead them back to the stable. But steer clear of the ones covered in flies... Nobody like flies! Avoid the most flies to become these majestic creatures’ favorite farmer!

The "Cow" cards that will be placed by each player have a different number of flies surrounding the cows and a value from 1 to 16.

A herd is started by placing a first card in the center of the table. Then each player must continue the sequence (increase the herd) by placing a card at the top or bottom of the current sequence.

If you cannot place a card, you must recover the herd (and the flies, thus all cards of the suite) and start a new suite. Special cows can also be added to the game, they are inserted, overlapped etc.

That's pretty much it!
It is as short and fun as it sounds.

You can now play it on Board Game Arena by clicking this link:

Note that a tutorial is also available for you right here: Tutorial

We would like to thank Hurrican for their authorization to have the game on our platform, and, of course, nothing would have been possible without the help and support of the game designer, the famous Bruno Cathala.

And who milked the game till he knew it perfectly? It's thoun, who made the port to Board Game Arena, and the game plays beautifully on any devices. Kudos to him. Again. ;)
Try it now!

That's it for today.
See you on our weekly "Wednesday Release Time"!
Until then, take care and play fair!
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Re: MOW: I like to MOW it, MOW it!

Post by NIS3R »

Flanders cow 😂 🥰
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Re: MOW: I like to MOW it, MOW it!

Post by 50HzGamingTv »

Very fun game for children and adults since it is not complicated.
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Re: MOW: I like to MOW it, MOW it!

Post by gertam »

Very good game,but it is not so popular... I do not find opponents in the arena...
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