CUBOSAURS: Paper angry birds.

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CUBOSAURS: Paper angry birds.

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Because they are basically birds with teeth for some...

Each type of dinosaur you draft has its own scoring rules, earning or costing points depending on the number of these specific cards you have gathered by the end of the round. To score higher than your opponents, you must decide each turn whether you want to take the hand of cards you were offered, or to pass it to the next player. But declining a hand has a real cost: you must be able to add a new card to it, taken from your dinosaur herd– and this card must be different from all other cards already in the hand. If you are smart, you can use this to your advantage and get rid of the cards negatively impacting your collection. If you want a chance to win, you will also have to avoid being left with no other choices than taking the worst hands…

That's it and you should try it out by clicking the tutorial included.
Or if you want to dive deep into the wilderness of an unknown rule? Click below to check the gamepage:

We would love to thank Fabien Tanguy and the Catch Up Games team, as well as Tabaskov for developing the game for Board Game Arena!
If you like some small card game with a nice twist, you can dive in it right now, and if not, you should give a second chance to the dinosaurs. They deserve it.

That's it for this Monday,
See you in a few days for another amazing release,
Until then,
Take care and play fair!
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Re: CUBOSAURS: Paper angry birds.

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Кажется, ссылка на руководство битая
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Re: CUBOSAURS: Paper angry birds.

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Small numbers and no color dissimilarity make this hard on the eyes and difficult to play since it not easy to see card functionality on any format other than large PC screen
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Re: CUBOSAURS: Paper angry birds.

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Looks great. :D
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Re: CUBOSAURS: Paper angry birds.

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