PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

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PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by DrClick »


Paint the Roses is a 2-5 player cooperative logic deduction game that automatically adapts to your skill during play.

Set in the puzzling world of Alice in Wonderland, you and your friends are the newly appointed Royal Gardeners. You are working together to finish the palace grounds according to the whims of the Queen of Hearts. Use strategy, logic, and teamwork to finish the garden whilst staying one step ahead of the Queen, otherwise, the last thing you hear will be, "Off With Their Heads!".

The Queen's whims are shared via cards, secret instructions each player is given into how the garden should be arranged. Her whims are always changing, so as soon as you solve one, a new one is in your hand.

Every turn, together as a team you must guess at least one of these secret whim cards. You can not say what your card shows, but by carefully placing a new shrub tile into the garden (taken from those available in the Greenhouse) you are able to reveal clues, tokens that will show any matches between the arrangement in the garden and the secret whims each player holds in their hands.

Although you can not discuss your own secret whim card, you can openly discuss other players'. Share your theories at the table and then make a guess. Correctly guessing a whim will move you forward on the score track, but the Queen is always following and her speed automatically adjusts based on your current score. Guess incorrectly and the Queen moves twice as fast, her axe ever closer to your neck.

You can play the tutorial by clicking here, but you can already play the game from any device by clicking right here:

The wonderful work of Ben Goldman for the game design, and Jacqui Davis for the artwork is outstanding and we would love to thank them, as well as the publisher North Star Games for helping to bring this game to BGA.
Last but not least, we would love to send our biggest roses to ufm, the one and only, who adapted the game for the platform, for you all to enjoy.

Today is time to share love.
So why not the love for Board Games ?

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That's it for today!
It's Wednesday Release Time BEFORE Wednesday.
A bit like an an un-birthday.
And see you next week.
Until then, take care and play sane!
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by MoreGamesPlease »

Exciting to see the full release - I've been playing the beta and having a blast!
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by Sigfurd »

Got this game on kickstarter, had lots of fun playing with my wife, finally we can play with more people.
Hope everyone enjoy this game. It can be a really good puzzler at a time when you have to think of all the reason the people select a tile to play.
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by BreezyTree »

Not as easy as I thought it would be. I'm super good at logic puzzles but this one is throwing me. My friend and I keep playing and each time I'm getting better. Interesting game and enjoying ourselves.
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by jokerxgg »

Awesome game! Already have played the implementation multiple times. Great job!!
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by keirdre »

This sounds really fun. Thanks!
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by nOOless cluebie »

We keep getting tantalizingly close to winning.... I think there's some kind of info we should be getting by what tiles are NOT chosen by the other players to help us figure things out, but i think we'd need slightly more time per turn.
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by bensi »

here is a great strategy guide for game! ... s-and-tips
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by historianteacher »

Exceptional implementation!
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Re: PAINT THE ROSES: Off with your head!

Post by leeross33 »

Great game got it as a birthday gift from my wife it's the perfect fast paced and strategic game that keep you thinking the queen is a serious head hunter :D
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