TUCANO : Much more than five fruits a day!

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TUCANO : Much more than five fruits a day!

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Bananas, papayas, pineapples... If you like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain:
Collect the right fruits with the help of toucans!

The rainforest is full of juicy and delicious fruits just waiting for you. But be careful: at the end of the game, some fruits may turn out to be spoiled ... Harvest the best fruits wisely to avoid the bad ones, and use your Toucan cards to protect your stash ... or steal fruit from your opponents!

Making a move is simple: choose one of three piles of cards, then place a new card on top of each pile. It is up to you to make the best tactical decisions to secure victory and leave the spoiled fruit to your opponents.

Players take turns clockwise. When it is your turn, pick 1 column and take all of its cards. Place the cards face up in front of you, grouping identical fruit cards together. Toucan cards give the players access to special abilities. If you take a toucan card, use its effect immediately and discard it afterwards. If you take 2 or more toucan cards, use their effects in the order of your choice. The turn ends with adding one card to each column from the draw pile, always in the same order: start with the column nearest to the draw pile and finish with the farthest.

A colourful and clever strategy game with easy-to-understand rules for children and adults!

Is a tutorial available? Absolutely! And you can learn to play Tucano in 2 minutes there.

And you can of course go to the game page by clicking the link right below:

The game has been beautifully developed by JohnMotra, and we would love to thank him for the wonderful work done.
Théo Rivière, the game designer, accompanied by the beautiful illustrations of Odile Sageat and the work done by the Helvetiq publishing team allowed us to bring the game to the platform, and that is why they all deserves some love!

Can you play it now?
Yes, Tucan!
And that's it for today's WRT release!
See you next week for more purr purr and engine-building on Board Game Arena!
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