Has anyone successfully played this game?

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Has anyone successfully played this game?

Postby fawls13 » 21 March 2018, 13:20

We just had three people trying it and none of us could even figure out the first move. Being it is a team problem solving game centered around real world issues and solution options that may be part of the design. However, I suspect it is not the intent. In short we were as effective as humanity has been at solving Global problems...perhaps we are now qualified to run for office! :lol:

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Re: Has anyone successfully played this game?

Postby ufm » 21 March 2018, 15:56

If you're playing as a team, all players have to choose the same answer or pass to progress.
If you solve a problem correctly, then token for that topic(MDG) and region token of where you solved the problem are flipped as 'solved', and set the solved problem aside.
After a turn, a new problem will be added, and if there are any problems in the same region then the MDGs of those problems will be lowered by one step.
When you have to place -1 token, then you return -1 and all solved problems set aside to the bag, so they can be re-drawn.
The objective is, flipping all 7 region tokens and 7 MDG tokens while preventing any of 7 MDG tokens from reaching skull mark.
To solve a problem, you have to bring appropriate resource token to the same region, then try to solve the problem.
You gain solve action for free when you move a resource into the region with solvable problem using that resource, or after using resource power action. So place resources and use resource powers wisely to solve problems quicker.

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