Hanabi: original beginner's guide

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Hanabi: original beginner's guide

Postby Faedur » 08 September 2017, 22:58


Here I try to make a short guide for beginners to play Hanabi in a good comprehension.

The aim of Hanabi is to work together to make the most beautiful firework on earth. But to succeed in, there are some mistakes that could be avoided just by little thoughts that we call common sense.

First, trust your partners. If they give you a clue, that means something. It could be a misplay but guess it is not and there is something to understand. If you discard or play something wrong, they should have prevent it. As so you pay attention on the comprehension that other players could guess with clues that you give to them. On the other side, if they don't give you any clue, trust them that you cards are pretty useless and can be discarded.
Second, pay attention on previous turns. If a clue given by a player to another seems weird it is probably because you have something to understand about your own hand. And so pay attention on the order of given clues.

Knowing that, there are some basic tricks to understand each other.
Use tokens to give priority on playable clues. If you need tokens or have nothing immediatly playable to tell, discard will come naturally and necessary. If you want people to discard in order to bring fresh cards and make tokens, do not waste tokens on it, just let them discard old cards (and perhaps you could start by discarding your own cards).
Important card order : see that when you play or discard a card, a next one comes from the deck to the left side of your hand. So your fresh cards are on the left whereas old cards belongs to right. This way it is easy to estimate that in case on multiple clue, you should play the lefmost card that you picked recently (the players could have told you on previous turns for an older card). The same comparison is for rightmost card (oldest) that could probably been discarded if not clued.

Well, there could be many particular situations hard to understand but it is only common sense deductions and attention in game.

Enjoy then ! :D
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Re: Hanabi: original beginner's guide

Postby Faedur » 08 September 2017, 23:06

I know the topic have already been explored but not posted on forum related to Hanabi and quickly extrapolated to particular playing situations, using terms and conventions that place the game on a mechanical level and not a comprehensive one. In fact the game is very simple and hard words are only use to explain what common sense bring you naturally (just pay attention to notice all hints).
Though if you want more levelled experience you can have a look here https://fr.boardgamearena.com/#!forum/v ... f=3&t=5252

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