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Elo points

Postby ollyfish2002 » 06 June 2018, 18:29

Always the same problem: Elo points are not given for perfect score.
See this game result : https://fr.4.boardgamearena.com/hanabi?table=40978449
We have high elo (mean elo 905) we manage to score 30 against the deck and we do not get any points.
I think the scoring system for hanabi should be reviewed especially when i see elo higher than 1000 for 2-players games that are abandonned if score is not perfect.
How elo can go up to more 1000 without cheating if perfect score is not rewarded ?
Why perfect score obtained by 3 players is scored zero ?
Why abandonned games should not be counted as negative to reduce elo boosting, as silene proposed elsewhere in the forum?

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