Hanabi - What would you clue?

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Hanabi - What would you clue?

Postby Daredek » 02 September 2018, 06:42

Two players, Played firewowks: R2 Y0 G2 B0 W2
3 clues, 1fuse
R: 2
Y: 2 3
B: 2 3
W: 4
Clued hand: ?? ?? ?? ?5 ?4
Actual hand: y4 w5 y3 y5 y4

What would you clue to save the last y3 and save the w5 and not fails playing fresh y4?

(Your hand ? ? ? ?4 R4 )
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Re: Hanabi - What would you clue?

Postby yoyote » 03 September 2018, 08:59

I would give Y, he will bomb, and I give 5.
I think the bombs are existing to manage this case.

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Re: Hanabi - What would you clue?

Postby Romain672 » 03 September 2018, 13:59

So we are on critical situation. You need either to give yellow who seems good, or do something unconventionnal. It depend of the position of your chop too.
Playing #3 (=card in position 3 with 1 leftmost) is a possibility for make a play of y3 on some situation.
Or give an empty clue on a no double discard situation (depend what happen last turn) with someone who trust you for save 2 card.
Or an off discard.

Guess I would do yellow with random player, and perhaps an empty clue with someone I know.

edit: But even if there is a possibility of double discard of the same card, I would not do it with only 1 clue left, so it's still fine.

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Re: Hanabi - What would you clue?

Postby motchouli » 05 September 2018, 03:35

As the timing has been missed, clue 3 and W5 should be discarded.
If the opponent is very careful, W5 can be saved, too.

2 turns before:
W5 Y3 ?? Y5 Y4

if it was clear that Y3 must be saved, clue 5 is the best.

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