Preference to play withGood, Strong Players and Above

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Preference to play withGood, Strong Players and Above

Post by pumpkinlovemelon » 14 January 2020, 03:42

Is this a pattern?

I've been kicked and refused to play coz of my hanabi ELO is too low.

Don't we all start our ELO from 0 in Hanabi?

SO far I play 19 games of hanabi and stopped counting how many times I've been kicked coz of my ELO is not even considered as 'Good' .

For those who do this. my Question is : Why?

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Re: Preference to play withGood, Strong Players and Above

Post by kariert » 16 January 2020, 12:35

I don't do this but I must say I don't enjoy playing with beginners and apprentices either. In many cases they don't know what the conventions are, for example concerning clueing and even if I try to explain it to them friendly in the chat they either start discussing with me and tell me they don't care about my 'made up rules', or they ignore it straight away. This does not only refer to clueing, often new players waste hints, discard 5s etc. and ignore any messages in the chat about that as well. I know they are beginners and I know I made those mistakes too, but I don't enjoy playing a game where I know right from the start I'll lose at least 7 elo points. We have the possibility to filter by ranking and I don't see why we shouldn't use it if the other option is a game that is not enjoy by the veteran player or the newer player who still needs to learn the basics.

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