Leaving Hanabi when things are not perfect

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Re: Leaving Hanabi when things are not perfect

Post by hezekiah » 30 June 2020, 01:49

This needs to be addressed.

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Re: Leaving Hanabi when things are not perfect

Post by Lara8818 » 30 June 2020, 05:03

My preference is to avoid both quitting and table-talk, and I've come across a lot of bullying and outright anger because of that, including deliberate bombing. Currently I'm actually stuck at a table because of this (didn't look closely enough to realize it was untimed when I sat down, and when I didn't agree to quit the other player simply logged off). So no games for me for a while, I guess.

At least it gives me even more reason to look forward to playing IRL again someday. (When I think of how much effort the people I've played with put into keeping a straight face so as not to give away information unfairly, the chat here is beyond belief sometimes. I'm not talking about explaining things like finesse to players who don't know - technically cheating but helping someone learn. But straight-up demands to play X card, then getting mad when you don't act on what they say because you didn't come by the info honestly...)

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