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Question about the rules

Post by Jean-Baptiste » 29 April 2021, 12:45

Hi to everybody

Do you think the rules allow to give a clue like "you have no Green" or "you have no Four"?
BGA does not currently allow to make this kind of clue but we have allowed it in my group of players when we play with real cards, after having read carefully the rules.

What are your opinions?

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Re: Question about the rules

Post by HATFIELDER » 29 April 2021, 14:05

We're the opposite.

BGA lets you clue "no 1s" etc. and we do use it.

We don't do that in person because the rules don't explicitly say that you can.

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Re: Question about the rules

Post by MoiMagnus » 29 April 2021, 14:07

You should be able to give those clues.
At least, that was possible on BGA last time I've tried.
I remember the way to do it was slightly unintuitive, but sorry for not remembering a more precise information.

(We do use them IRL too)

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Re: Question about the rules

Post by Daredek » 29 April 2021, 23:22

This has been discussed before, although I cannot find the posts.

The rules, in my card game version, say you can only clue something present. However, the rules in other versions of the game allow it. Moreover, the author was asked this question, and he is open to Empty clues.

Usually works for me on BGA. I wonder why you are not able to clue it.

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Re: Question about the rules

Post by master of bluff » 01 May 2021, 18:06

bga let you hint you have no4 or no red card ...
if you use new hinting system choose a card then click more and its written there like no cards are red
if old hinting system choose a color he dosent have then select the player so he must go check log and it would be written there this card is red but he wont be seeing any red card
in here we call it empty hint we use it when we are lock or 8 clue or a forced hint by flams

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Re: Question about the rules

Post by Wreckage » 03 May 2021, 19:22

BGA does allow these types of clues. We use them regularly here.

Unfortunately, if you use these clues to mean anything like save a card, then you must remember your cards, as there is no way to mark that card as saved. It would be wonderful if you could mark you're own card with an "X" or anything so that you don't have to remember you are saving 2 or 3 blank cards.

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Re: Question about the rules

Post by Vandaley » 05 May 2021, 02:43

I do not think anyone has actually explained how to give a null clue for the OP (sorry if I missed it).

When you click on a tile, lets say a Yellow 2, it will give you the option of clicking "You have ___ Yellow Tiles" or "You have ___ Twos", under those two options is something that says (forgive me, it is not my turn in any of my game so I can't check if this is exactly right) something like "more options", if you click on that you will get all the of the available null clues.

Note, that if you are playing avalanche of colors, and the person you are cluing as an MC, then you cannot give a null color clue.

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