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Re: conceding games

Post by Jellby » 10 September 2021, 17:03

Proclivitas wrote:
10 September 2021, 10:54
It won't, they'll boost by playing against themselves with different accounts.
Except that is against BGA rules and could lead to suspension/banning, while just abandoning games is not.

But if two players want to cheat, they can easily use play together and use the chat (or an external service) to pass info.

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Re: conceding games

Post by Wreckage » 13 September 2021, 21:06

Well, people can find ways to cheat with multiple accounts and such. But at least cheating would be the same as every other game on the site. The way it is now, ELO for hanabi is especially broken.

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Re: conceding games

Post by aghagh » 20 September 2021, 20:40

Just a side note from another cooperative game's perspective. I play Pandemic mostly solo and sometimes I realize the game is already lost. For example, after realizing too late I discarted too many cards of one color before finding its cure. Under these circumstances I've conceded more than one game.

My point here is that forbidding conceding for all coop games as some players have suggested here because of their experience with Hanabi would not be the best approach for all coop games. In my opinion players should be able to collectively concede a game, all taking the elo penalty (or whatever). as a team The interface would be similar to abandoning a game, with all players agreeing to concede.

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