Progress on Tash-Kalar

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Progress on Tash-Kalar

Post by mythatsme » 19 July 2019, 05:12

The bug with the High Form, letting players get stuck in a pre-start game for more than two players, does still exist.

Also, some expansions are implemented, but not all, and it is not possible to choose which to include. Is there some work on this planned?
You are also not informed about the expansions, and what rules are new by their inclusion.

Otherwise, a great game! Like to play and will buy sooner or later!

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Re: Progress on Tash-Kalar

Post by nandblock » 20 July 2019, 16:42

There is only one expansion included, Everfrost. I don't think that any updates are being planned at the moment.

At some point CGE plans to issue their own app version, which would have all the expansions and variants, but I think that has taken a back seat to the Through the Ages app/expansion.

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Re: Progress on Tash-Kalar

Post by ernus » 29 September 2019, 21:38

Please, implement the new expansions of Tash Kalar!

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