high form with more than two

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high form with more than two

Post by RueSailmana » 12 May 2018, 09:39

So, it's still not possible to play the high form with more than two players. Why is it possible then to open a table with more than two players for the high form?

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Re: high form with more than two

Post by SerBaldur » 07 September 2018, 17:34

yes it's pretty annoying. I kept opening high form games for 4 and they would time out, so i thought it was lack of interest.

I only finally figured it out when i tried to join one as 4th player. If you join as 2nd and 3rd player, it let's you, only 4th player there is some message that it's not supported and kicks you out of the game. And then leaves the game up with the other 3 players waiting around!

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