No one plays this?

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No one plays this?

Postby nmego » 27 June 2018, 18:13

Why does nobody play this game? It is quite interesting, how about forming a group dedicated to playing it?

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Re: No one plays this?

Postby Ankeszu » 29 June 2018, 17:36

Would a group help? If you think it would, create one.

The problem is I believe not in the lack of players interested, but the lack of players having it in My Games at the same time (especially when it comes to the real-time games). And different expectations, for instance I prefer it for 2players right now. Also I suppose there are many players that just play with their fellows. Why not invite one of your friends to play with you?

If you want to play it turn-based, open some tables and wait. You can invite to the table in the main chat, maybe someone gets interested. That was how I am sometimes drawn to the games that I play from time to time - because the tablemakers announce they need players.

If we want more players, we need to attract them ;) by teaching the rules, for instance... And that's the only reason why I believe the group could help (someone may prefer to find the group and ask for teaching there instead just making the table).

I can teach basics on 2p turn-based if asked, but I'm not very experienced in the game myself. Some advance cards are not obvious so we learn them just by playing (e.g. Relocation restrictions?).

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Re: No one plays this?

Postby RicardoRix » 30 June 2018, 11:47

it's a great game, one the best fun but semi-serious multiplayer games on BGA, but I mainly only play it with friends and family. I think turn-based is where it is at, there are plenty of games and plenty of takers. SunnyDwight will always give you a game.

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Re: No one plays this?

Postby CraWleR » 08 July 2018, 06:10

There are a couple of pretty bad UI/UX things in Quantum implementation and the table creation screens are rather bad on BGA, especially for a game like Quantum. I've proposed changes and volunteered to implement them in the past as well as offered to fix up the UI/UX things, since that's what kind of things I do on a daily basis, but I did not receive any interest from the admins.

There was a Quantum tournament on the 4th of may, which received about 30ish participants. If you're curious - maybe you could organize more? :)

Other than that, you do find some people to play with once in a while. Just need to be patient. If you're looking for real-time play - people seem to be a lot more active between midday and evening in Europe.

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Re: No one plays this?

Postby ibav » 26 August 2018, 00:25

Its a great game and it runs relatively frequently, especially turn based.

I will also never play anything other than 2p, because the way the ranking is set up multiplayer is elo suicide.

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Jest Phulin
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Re: No one plays this?

Postby Jest Phulin » 26 August 2018, 06:08

ibav wrote:I will also never play anything other than 2p, because the way the ranking is set up multiplayer is elo suicide.

Would you be willing to play multiplayer ELO off games?

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Re: No one plays this?

Postby ibav » 27 August 2018, 15:36

Yeah multiplayer is fun.

I jump into multiplayer games on rare occasions just sucks knowing that 70% of the time I lose 50 points and 25% I gain 2

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Re: No one plays this?

Postby galehar » 14 October 2018, 22:47

Totally agree with ibav. I'm also up for 3+ games with ELO off :) (turn by turn though)

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