Hover for Card Text on iPad

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Hover for Card Text on iPad

Post by Hopkins » 17 May 2020, 00:37

The requirement to hover over a card to get the text is apparently a big problem on the iPad/iPhone. I recently had a friend essentially abandon a game because he had no idea what the cards could do. The "very quick press" to activate hover was apparently unreliable, and so unusable when buying cards. Is there another way, or does there need to be a small redesign to avoid the need for a hover action?

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Re: Hover for Card Text on iPad

Post by PaulDoherty » 20 May 2020, 04:53

I’d like to know if this is going to be solved. I prefer to play on my iPad, but this issue of hovering and the fact I get no sounds are making it quite difficult to do.

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