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Re: Quantum update

Post by Ratburntro44 » 28 June 2020, 22:06

galehar wrote:
27 June 2020, 23:06
Ratburntro44 wrote:
27 June 2020, 19:34

I don't understand this. It seems more likely to me that it would usually have to do with personal preference for level of control than for the specific game situation
So, you'd personally prefer to have to confirm each time to have more control?
Does anyone have ever encountered the situation where you wanted to lose a fight or is it just a theoretical thing?
It certainly never happened to me in hundreds of games.
I don't have enough memory of specific games to pull out a particular example. I've had thoughts about it for a while but can't remember if they originated from a game or just contemplation. I tried to look through my game history for an example but BGA seems to have limits on looking at replays and I am currently blocked from replaying any games at all.

But yes, I would personally prefer to confirm each time. At best maybe there could be rules like "manually check for an attack if the opponent has Stubborn, manually check for a defense if you have Eager, Stealthy, Righteous, Clever, Curious, Tactical, or Stubborn", but even that wouldn't quite cover every edge case.

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Re: Quantum update

Post by galehar » 29 June 2020, 10:04

Idsky wrote:
28 June 2020, 07:05
2P Arena: I think the Arena config is something the BGA admins set up. We could ask. Or we could all agree to look for arena games at the same time!
I am currently discussing Arena mode for RFTG with the admins. I'm slipping a word about Quantum while I'm at it. Next season starts July the 7th. Would it be possible for you to do the 6/7 cube map option really soon so that it can be chosen for the next season? Thanks.

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Re: Quantum update

Post by Grumbletweezer » 04 July 2020, 20:38

I'd love it if the game map would stay up longer at the end - give players a chance to discuss it.

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