Change in Cruel/Relentless behavior?

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Change in Cruel/Relentless behavior?

Post by imbroglio » 16 October 2020, 03:33

It appears that there has been a change in behavior with Cruel and Relentless (presumably Scrappy, too?). Historically, I believe Cruel has always resolved last, making it significantly better when matched up against Relentless. The behavior now appears to be random, but without any indication of that in the game log.

This was balanced somewhat by the fact that Cruel can be cancelled out by Rational.

Haven't checked forums in a while, so not sure if there was a thread on this (or did I misunderstand the rules before)? I think this is perhaps a good thing; I'd just like to discuss this sort of change ahead of time.

For reference:

In even matchups (combat advantage of 0), the probability of an attacker winning is 59%. If the attacker has Cruel or Relentless that goes up to 74% (they are equivalent). But, historically (due to order of resolution), there was a significant difference between the two if they are both in play during an Encounter:

1<Cruel>:1<Relentless> => 66% chance of attacker winning
1<Relentless>:1<Cruel> => 49%

Presumably if they are selected randomly now then they should cancel out exactly, though I haven't verified that.

And regardless of all of the above, it would be nice to officially document the expected resolution order for Scrappy, Relentless, and Cruel.

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