Game would not end!

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Game would not end!

Post by amzzyhmd » 15 June 2020, 20:01

Hello there,

I just played my second game of PoC and for some unfortunate reason, it did not end despite completing three objectives in the early game.

Please take a look at the screenshot and let me know what am I missing.
It wanted me to have three buildings in two cities and I did have that fulfilled by having three buildings in Lerici and Massa
Then it wanted me to have two triplets of objects and I did have 3 flags and 3 crowns
Lastly, it wanted me to score two different types of cities and I did score one VP city and one money city too.
After completing all these three objectives the game lasted as long as it could. It only asked me if I wanted to end the game after building three buildings in Viareggio and scoring them!

Please advise what am I missing here. I clearly remember someone ended my first game on me within 10 mins by almost doing the same thing which is building three buildings in the cheap cities scoring them and BAM. And then I tried the same strategy and it did not work.

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