Fixing Validated Translations

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Re: Fixing Validated Translations

Postby Infinity25 » 08 June 2018, 06:46

The language name "Simplified Chinese" is currently displayed as "中文(汉)". However, I believe most of the simplified Chinese speakers would be familiar with "简体中文", and I cannot edit it in translation page. (and "繁體中文" instead of "中文(漢)" for traditional Chinese respectively)
If you are not sure with that, you may ask other users for their opinions.

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Re: Fixing Validated Translations

Postby stezzuya » 11 June 2018, 15:19

In the P.I. italian translation there is a small mistake:
the line:

${you} must select a card or:

is translated as:
${you} deve selezionare una carta o:

while it should be:

${you} devi selezionare una carta o:

btw can you give me the rights to translate?

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Re: Fixing Validated Translations

Postby Een » 11 June 2018, 16:29

@stezzuya: I gave you the rights to translate, so I'll let you fix this :) Thanks for your help in improving the Italian translation!

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