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Re: Strings not credited

Post by ckwatt » 25 September 2017, 15:53

Een wrote: Fixing already validated strings doesn't credit gift points, as it would encourage instability (with a potential infinite loop to earn gift points...). So fixing mistakes in validated strings is just for the glory or out of love :)
Well it is a bit disappointing, since I have put a lot of effort into fixing up the English on the site and was under the impression that it was being recognized in some way. I suppose I'll have to settle for the love. (As a professional translator and editor, I can assure you that there is no glory in editing!)

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Re: Strings not credited

Post by J-M » 02 February 2020, 22:31

Liallan wrote:
24 September 2017, 04:37
ckwatt wrote:Yes, I did considerable work on Diam's in early August:!transla ... cale=en_US - but nothing of that seems to have been credited.
Just a quick note, that you do not need to change "his" to "their." Een has that fixed so the gender of the player changes it (to her) if necessary. I personally think it's not hurting for it to be "their," but you don't need to do that anymore.
I would like to note that I prefer gender neutral pronouns on this site if no gender has been selected, and find it disapointing that this practice is being discouraged.

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