Many handcards

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Many handcards

Postby MiuraSV » 07 March 2018, 10:31

I wanted to play my shotcard in the last round for the extra $1000 but i couldnt select the card because i drew new cards 3 times and the shotcard was hidden somewere in the back of my hand. Can it be fixed that every single card in your hand can be selected if you have alot of cards in hand?

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Many handcards

Postby Jest Phulin » 08 March 2018, 00:17

This should be reported as a bug, "game interface prevented me from making a legal move."

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Re: Many handcards

Postby Gooorn » 28 November 2018, 21:21

The problem occurs only if 11-13 cards in hand, (Or 12-13 im not sure) but if more than 14 in hand you can see and select all cards again.

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