Animation trop rapide

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Animation trop rapide

Post by Dragonours » 06 October 2020, 22:57

Bonjour, bravos pour cette fantastique adaptation.

Par contre, serait-il possible d'ajouter un option pour permettre de visialisé l'exécutions des cartes une a la fois?

Exemple: une case a cocher, rendant un bouton next automatique ou non comme la mine dans "dice forge"


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Re: Animation trop rapide

Post by JusterGame » 19 October 2020, 12:21

I agree and raised something like this in the feedback.
I feel that when actions are NOT undertaken (bandit cannot shoot anybody, for example), the animation and the move onto the next action is FAR too fast and it's unexplained, causing confusion (and mild distress) to those who are NOT yet expert.

But Greg told me "Actually such a feedback is already in place : when a character cannot perform an action, you can see a sweat drop next to their meeple for a second or two."

I shall have to play and see what I think - but with respect Greg, there's a lot of difference between "a second" and "or two".

Keep up the good work, anyway .... :D

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Re: Animation trop rapide

Post by Quinarbre » 20 October 2020, 12:42

Greg did not answer, I did ;)
It's not a problem to make it longer or less automated ; but at the same time, there are other players asking for more automation (for example when there's only a single target).
There's always the possibility to add more options, but then you'd get messages from people who don't understand the options because there are too many of them...

Tradeoffs have to be found ; with more then 230.000 games played over 6 years, I think it works as is for most people, but if your suggestions gather enough followers, I'll be glad to implement them.

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