What is the tiebreaker?

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Cheery Dog
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What is the tiebreaker?

Post by Cheery Dog » 31 August 2020, 13:36

I just had a game finish where first and second both finished on 22 points.

I'm just wondering what the tiebreaker is as it's not stated in the game results like most other games.

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Earl Spool
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Re: What is the tiebreaker?

Post by Earl Spool » 06 October 2020, 11:40

The tiebreaker is that the person who has laid the most tracks wins. If both have laid the sme number, victory is shared (happened to me recently!)

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Re: What is the tiebreaker?

Post by TheClaudeQc » 14 October 2020, 03:26

Might be out of context.

But 2 times in 2 different game I lost when I literally do more score (visible player points) (stations placed for places by me).

Like most of my score lost is due I can't finish a bit of line, give me -7 points, but someone else that also missing a complete line have only -2 points.

Whiteout being -7 and be only -2, I have win. But the game say that 3 parts missing=-7, but someone else have literally the last piece in middle=-2.

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